Lever, T. J.; Price, D. M.; Warrington, S. B.; Evolved Gas Collection from a Thermogravimetric Analyzer and Identification by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Proc. 28th North American Thermal Analysis Society Conference, October 4-6 (2000) Orlando, Florida, USA, pp. 720-725

The use of spectroscopic techniques (MS and FTIR) to identify the decomposition products from TGA experiments is well known. This work compares the traditional "on-line" method with the alternative "off-line" approach of volatile collection followed by thermal desorption. The desorbed volatiles may then be separated by gas chromatography and identified by mass spectrometry. With this "off-line" approach, complex mixtures (which are often difficult to interpret with the "on-line" method) can be easily analyzed.

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