Aitken, D.; Burkinshaw, S. M.; Price, D. M.; The effect of benzyl alcohol on the glass-transition temperature and dyeing behaviour of wet Courtelle S by means of dynamic mechanical analysis. Dyes and Pigments 18(1) (1992) 23-33

Dynamic mechanical analysis was used to demonstrate the plasticising action of benzyl alcohol on wet Courtelle S tow. The extent of the plasticisation, as measured by reduction in glass transition temperature of the wet fibre, corresponded to the amount of benzyl alcohol adsorbed by the fibre; the maximum extent of plasticisation coincided with the max. concentration of benzyl alcohol adsorbed by the fibre, which, in turn corresponded to the aqueous solubility of the carrier under the application conditions employed. The extent of the enhancement of uptake of C.I. Basic Blue 3 onto acrylic fibre was proportional to the extent of plasticisation, a maximum value being reached at the aqueous solubility of the carrier.

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