Price, D. M.; Church S. P.; FTIR evolved gas analysis of the decomposition products of cellulose diacetate. Thermochimica Acta 294(1) (1997) 107-112

Evolved gas analysis of unplasticised cellulose diacetate flake and plasticised cellulose diacetate film (Clarifoil) was carried out as part of an assessment of the potential hazard that could occur as a result of overheating these materials during processing. In order to perform this work, a simple apparatus for heating a sample and introducing the evolved gases into a FTIR gas flow cell was constructed. These measurements were supplemented by thermogravimetry as part of separate experiments. Studies of the infrared spectra and thermogravimetric data showed that both materials degrade above 250C generating carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and acetic acid. In addition, Clarifoil releases plasticiser (diethyl phthalate) between 100 and 250C. Since its flash point is 160C, the potential fire hazard of this material needs to be taken into account during any processing operation which could reach this temperature.

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