Price, D. M.; Reading, M.; Hammiche, A.; Pollock, H. M.; New Adventures in Thermal Analysis. Journal of Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry 60(3) (2000) 723-733

This paper describes recent advances in thermal analysis instrumentation which combine the high resolution imaging capabilities of the atomic force microscope with the physical characterisation by thermal analysis. Images of the surface may be obtained according to the specimen's thermal conductivity and thermal expansivity differences in addition to the usual topographic relief. Localised equivalents of modulated temperature differential scanning calorimetry, thermomechanical and dynamic mechanical analysis have been developed with a spatial resolution of a few micrometres. A form of localised thermogravimetry-evolved gas analysis has also been demonstrated. The same instrument configuration can be adapted to allow IR microspectrometry at a resolution better than the optical diffraction limit.

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