Hinks, D.; Rafiq, M. I.; Montero, G. A.; Smith, B.; Price, D. M.; A comparison of vapour pressure measurements of quinizarin and leuco-quinizarin via transpiration and thermogravimetry. Coloration Technology 119(2) (2003) 84-90

The vapour pressure of solids can be obtained using a number of methods, including the Knudsen effusion method, the Knudsen torque-effusion method and a transpiration method. Each method has benefits and disadvantages. Reported is a comparison of vapour pressure data for two compounds, quinizarin and leuco-quinizarin, using a transpiration method and a recently developed method based on thermogravimetry. Thermogravimetry provided vapour pressure-temperature dependence data for each compound with expediency and in agreement with the transpiration method.

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