Stanton, Gareth D.; Price, Duncan M.; Combustion monitoring. GB Patent 2,514,341 August 24 (2016)

A radiant burner and method are disclosed. The radiant burner is for treating an effluent gas stream from a manufacturing process tool and comprises: a combustion chamber having a porous sleeve through which combustion materials pass for combustion proximate to a combustion surface of the porous sleeve; a combustion characteristic monitor operable to determine combustion performance of the radiant burner by monitoring infra-red radiation emitted from the combustion surface; and a radiant burner controller operable to control operation of the radiant burner in dependence upon combustion performance determined by the combustion characteristic monitor. Accordingly, aspects recognise that if a burner is suffering from an excessive flow of air the burner pad or combustion surface will typically cool, which results in an increase in unwanted emissions in the exhaust produced by a radiant burner. The cooling also results in a reduction in infrared radiation determined by the combustion surface. The hydrogen flame of the radiant burner and the hydrocarbon flame of the burner pilot typically do not emit infrared radiation and thus a change in infra-red radiation, for example, intensity, quantity or frequency, emitted by the combustion surface of the radiant burner can be used to diagnose an "overflow" of cold gas, typically air, in the combustion mixture fed into the system, for example, the combustion chamber. Once diagnosed appropriate ameliorative steps may be taken and, for example, the burner control logic may be operable to compensate by reducing air flow into the burner.

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