Knight, Gary P.; Seeley, Andrew J.; Young, Geoffrey; Price, Duncan M.; Liquid ring pump. GB Patent Application 2,540,580 July 22 (2015)

Liquid ring pump 32 for treating a corrosive effluent gas from a processing chamber which is reactive with, or soluble in, a service liquid of the pump to form corrosion products, the pump comprising an annular pumping chamber 56 cylindrically around a central pumping chamber axis 58 for receiving the gas and a service liquid; a rotor 54 having an axis offset from the central pumping chamber axis, the rotor having a plurality of rotor blades 62 which cause liquid in the pumping chamber to form a ring 48 having a centre coincident with the central axis of the pumping chamber and compression of effluent gas conveyed from an inlet 34 to an outlet of the pumping chamber; a magnetic drive assembly for driving the rotor, comprising a magnetic follower in a drive chamber that can be magnetically coupled with a magnetic drive outside the drive chamber; wherein the drive chamber is in fluid communication with the pumping chamber and wherein the pumping chamber, drive chamber, magnetic follower and rotor comprise materials which are resistant to the effluent gas stream and corrosion products generated when the gas stream is treated by the service liquid.

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