Knight, Gary P.; Seeley, Andrew J.; Price, Duncan M.; Abatement system. GB Patent Application 2,540,581 July 22 (2015)

An abatement system 10 comprises a liquid ring pump 12 for compressing and pre-scrubbing gas evacuated from a processing chamber. The liquid ring pump has a gas inlet 14 for receiving evacuated gas, such as gas evacuated from a dry pumping arrangement. A liquid inlet 16 is provided for receiving liquid for generating a liquid ring in a stator 20 of the pump when a rotor 22 rotates in the stator. A gas and liquid outlet 24 is provided for exhausting gas and liquid in a gas/liquid ratio. A venturi scrubber 26 has an inlet for receiving the gas and liquid mixture from the liquid ring pump and a nozzle 30 for providing mixing of the gas with the liquid. A liquid sump 32 is provided for collecting liquid conveyed through the nozzle and a gas outlet is provided for exhausting gas from the venturi scrubber. The liquid ring pump is configured to exhaust gas and liquid at a pressure which drives the gas and liquid through the venturi scrubber. The abatement system provides for efficient scrubbing of water soluble and hydrolysable gases and an efficient means of capturing sub-micron particles.

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