Knight, Gary P.; Price, Duncan M.; Abatement apparatus. US Patent 10,661.217 May 26 (2020)

The abatement apparatus includes a porous element at least partially defining a treatment chamber and through which treatment materials pass for introduction into the treatment chamber for treatment of an effluent gas stream; and an infra-red heating device operable to emit infra-red energy to heat the porous element which heats the treatment materials as they pass through the porous element into the treatment chamber. In this way, infra-red energy, rather than combustion, can be used to raise the temperature within the treatment chamber in order to treat the effluent gas stream. This allows the apparatus to be used in environments where no fuel gas exists or where the provision of fuel gas is considered undesirable. Also, heating the treatment materials as they pass through the porous sleeve, rather than simply using radiant heat to heat the treatment chamber enables significantly more energy to be imparted into the treatment materials.

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