Seeley, Andrew J.; Price, Duncan M.; Nozzle for an abatement device. GB Patent 2,560,916 January 1 (2020)

A nozzle for an abatement apparatus and a method are disclosed. The nozzle 110A is for abatement apparatus operable to treat an effluent stream from a processing tool. The nozzle comprises: a nozzle body defining a nozzle inlet 70A operable to receive the effluent stream, a nozzle outlet 80A, and a conduit extending between the nozzle inlet and the nozzle outlet and operable to convey the effluent stream in a direction of flow from the nozzle inlet to the nozzle outlet. There is an effluent stream rotator 100A configured to impart a rotational component to the effluent stream to rotate the effluent stream around the direction of flow. The rotator may be in the form of a single or multi-start thread. In this way, the effluent stream is rotated as it passes through the nozzle body. The destruction rate efficiency achieved by an abatement apparatus when receiving such rotating effluent streams has been found to be significantly improved compared to non-rotating effluent streams.

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