Knight, Gary P.; Seeley, Andrew J.; Price, Duncan M.; Apparatus for treating gases and a method or reducing deposition on a surface in such apparatus. GB Patent 2,561,191 August 26 (2020)

Apparatus for treating gases comprises a liquid scrubbing zone, having a feed 19 admitting a flow of liquid into the gas flow and at least one zone upstream of the scrubbing zone. Purge gas can be admitted to an intermediate surface in a boundary region of the scrubbing and upstream zones via an outlet arranged to direct the purge gas 11 to flow over and protect the intermediate surface. The purge gas outlet and intermediate surface may have continuously curved or rectilinear cross-sections. The purge gas may have a single outlet with a form corresponding to that of a perimeter of the intermediate surface. The intermediate surface adjacent the purge gas outlet may be convex. The apparatus may have a circular cross-section and the liquid feed may comprise a weir 18 arranged radially outwardly of the intermediate surface. The liquid feed may comprise a degassing system having a headspace in communication with a reduced pressure abatement system. Alternatively the liquid may be degassed prior to being fed to the apparatus. The purge gas feed may be defined by a gap between 0.02mm and 0.08mm defined by inner and outer walls. The apparatus may be used in the semi-conductor industry.

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