Seeley, Andrew J.; Stones, Ian D.; Price, Duncan M.; Inlet assembly. GB Patent Application 2,584,675 June 10 (2019)

An inlet assembly (60, Fig. 2) for an abatement apparatus comprises an inlet nozzle 200A with a non-circular inlet aperture 210A which is coupled with an inlet conduit providing an effluent gas stream. A nozzle bore 230A extends along a longitudinal axis between the inlet aperture and an outlet aperture 220A. A flow-dividing structure 240A is positioned downstream of an inlet portion extending from the inlet aperture to separate the effluent gas stream into a pair of effluent gas streams. An outlet portion extends to the outlet aperture and conveys the pair of effluent gas streams to a treatment chamber of the abatement apparatus. The flow-dividing structure (240C, Fig. 5B) may divide the nozzle bore into a pair of nozzle bores extending to a pair of outlet apertures (220C, 220D, Fig. 5B). A baffle (250, Fig. 6) may be positioned upstream of the flow-dividing structure, the baffle having an aperture with a reduced cross-sectional area compared to the nozzle bore. The non-circular inlet aperture is typically elongate or obround.

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