Price, Duncan M.; Packed tower. WIPO PCT 2021058946 April 1 (2021)

A packed tower is disclosed. The packed tower for treating an effluent stream comprising a fluid and particles from an abatement apparatus comprises: a packed tower housing having an inlet for receiving the effluent stream; an outlet for venting the effluent stream; a packed substrate housed within the packed tower housing between the inlet and the outlet, the packed substrate being configured to entrain at least some of the particles from the fluid as the effluent stream flows therethrough; and a fan housed within the packed tower housing, the fan being configured to propel the effluent stream from the inlet towards the outlet and to remove at least some of the particles from the fluid. In this way, the fan helps to generate a negative pressure to draw the effluent stream into the packed tower and through the packed substrate, which reduces the back pressure experienced by, for example, a semiconductor processing tool providing the effluent stream, improves the flow of effluent stream through the packed tower and upstream abatement apparatus and helps to improve the removal of particles from within the effluent stream.

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